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Practical Solutions - Uncommon Results

 NIHD Delivers Practical Solutions Today! 

We are a pragmatic organization.  All of our efforts focus on critical client needs and challenges.  Therefore, solutions are tailored to each client, based on thorough analysis of factors unique to each client organization.

We Function As Your Partner

Whether we are working with a funding agency to implement a program or with an organization on a consulting project, we design our services to achieve each partner's goals and objectives.  NIHD practices ongoing dialogue, total confidentiality and the strongest work ethic in the delivery of our services to or for our partners.

The Organization

As our country's communities go, so goes the health of our nation.  The patterns of abandonment and overwhelming flight from the "innercity" have caused decline and havoc upon America's neighborhoods.  Upscale businesses and middle class homeowners have rapidly left behind their less fortunate counterparts - struggling small businesses, the hopeless homeless, impoverished families, drug addicts, ill-epuipped teen parents, high school drop-outs - and the list goes on.  There must be solutions to this growing phenomenon of innercity deterioration.  Just where does the critical answer lie?

Founded in 1990, the National Institute For Human Development (NIHD) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization which is dedicated to lifting youth and families out of poverty by providing much needed social, human and economic services to area communities.  NIHD is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a program office in Birmingham, Alabama and five regional offices located throughout the United States.  The agency is a community-based, service delivery operation which helps to alleviate social ills by addressing, attendant issues head on.  To this end, NIHD is committed to improving the quality of life for the economically and socially distressed.

Area of Expertise

It is imperative that an organization build and maintain a strategic, successful program.  The National Institute has a well-organized, highly qualified team of seasoned professionals with a a variety of experience in:

  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Faith-based Projects, Programs and Training

This team of knowledgeable specialists has helped to create safe and livable communities across the nation.  Emphasis has been placed on the following three areas:  Social Services; Human Services; and Economic Development.


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