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Programs and Accomplishments


Community Development



Focus: To improve community services and facilities
Current Projects: Healthier communities Initiative in collaboration with AmeriCorps Vista and  
  Black People Run Bike and Swim*
  CRATE Resource Mapping and Partnership with City of Fairfield, AL
Completed Projects: Educational and Recreational Services Program Design, Greenville, GA
  Head-Start and Tutorial Programs, Montgomery, AL
  Church Property Revitalization Project, Oakman, AL
Potential Projects: Community Resources Centers
  Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Training
  Property Improvement Projects: Homes, Churches, Schools
  Affordable, Accessible Housing
  Age specific programs - i.e. Youth, Seniors
  Basic Skills Training (literacy, GED, Computer, etc.)

Economic Development



Focus: To increase economic opportunities (especially in depressed areas), support     
  small business & encourage entrepreneurship
Current  Projects: CRATE Resource Mapping and Partnership with City of Fairfield, AL
Completed Projects: Career Preparation Workshops and Job Fairs, Gadsden, AL
  Property Review and Mapping of Vacant and Abandoned Property,North       
  Central Alabama Region, CME Church
Potential Projects: Economic Summits and Conferences
  Small Business incubator
  Entrepreneur School

Leadership Institute

Focus: To develop the current and future generation of leaders
Current Projects: Rural Leadership Development Institute funded by the Daniel Foundation*    
  The Annual Phenomenal Women's Summit*
  Mapping Pathways to College in Collaboration with Miles College CDC
Completed Projects: Youth Opportunity Program (YOP), Cordele, GA
  One-Stop Labor Resume, Career Development Center, West Georgia
  Fatherhood Conferences, Birmingham, AL
Potential Projects: Leadership Development Curriculum and Certificate Program
  Parenting Conferences and Workshops
  Men's Conferences

Faith Based Projects

Focus: To equip clergy and faith leaders to be more effective in responding to human need
  (i.e. disasters, community and personal crises, mental health)
Current Projects: Academy for Public Theology, 2 year diploma program*
  Mental Health Training Sessions in collaboration with NAMI, Alabama
  Faith and Fitness/Diabetes Education, Fifth Episcopal District, CME Church
Completed Projects: 2013 Leadership Training Series, Fifth Episcopal District, CME Church
Potential Projects: Clinical Pastoral Education Center
  Caregiver Ministry Training
  Short courses and topic specific workshops and seminars



Healthier Communities Initiative with Black People Run Bike and Swim
Rural Leadership Development Institute
Phenomenal Women's Summit
The Academy for Public Theology

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